New Marketing Partnership

The organic wholesaler Naturkost West, based in Duisburg, supplies organic shops and markets in North Rhine-Westphalia with a full range. For many years the company has supported bioverita and thus the ideas of organic breeding. Since the beginning of August, bioverita varieties have also been part of the vegetables on offer on a regular basis.

The team leader of the Pro Biomarkt in Duisburg presents a vegetable box with a bioverita box corner

In the coming weeks and months, customers can look forward to the following varieties at their local shops:

Cauliflower “Nuage”
Broccoli “Rasmus”
Kohlrabi “Raski”
Carrot “Oxhella”
Red Cabbage “Rodynda”
Beetroot “Jannis”
White Cabbage “Dottenfelder”
Savoy Cabbage “Smaragd”

White Cabbage “Dottenfelder” – one of the eight vegetables based on open polinated varieties that Naturkost West has selected for the retail

All varieties come from breeders of the KULTURSAAT association, a community of 26 breeders at 20 locations in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland who work exclusively under bio-dynamic conditions. The vegetables are grown by two Bioland farms: Gut Paulinenwälchen near Aachen and Finkes Hof in Borken.

Kultursaat e.V.
A box of cauliflower “Nuage” and the bioverita box corner

At the start of the collaboration, Anna-Lena May from the bioverita team provided a training for employees of the natural food stores supplied to inform them about the goals of organic breeding. With the help of the bioverita box corners, customers in the shop are made aware of the self reproductive varieties. In addition, Naturkost West has produced its own info clip in German that explains the basics in a way that everyone can understand:

Thank you very much and we look forward to a wonderful collaboration!

Text: Justine Lipke
Photos: Naturkost West