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bioverita – a quality label for organic breeding

Organic agriculture makes other demands on varieties. Organic varieties are developed specifically for this type of agriculture – right from the start.

Organic varieties provide more diversity and reduce the dependence of organic farming.

Organic farming is a young industry but more and more newly-bred organic varieties are coming onto the market. It pays to test these and integrate them into your own cultivation.

By purchasing seed of organically-bred varieties, you strengthen organic farming and its independence.

Let your customers know about the use of organic varieties in your cultivation. Take advantage of bioverita’s support.

Here you will also find sources of supply for organically-bred varieties. Please pay attention to the precise declaration of the varieties!

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Award of the label – my journey to bioverita

bioverita stands for certified organic breeding. Certification takes place on several levels:

  • Organic farmers must be transparent in their work: the work of organic breeders who are members of bioverita is regularly subject to audit. Every 4 years there is a full audit, every year an update.
  • Organic growers who are members can also apply for recognition of varieties from their work as a bioverita variety. The breeder has to demonstrate to the bioverita labelling board how the variety was developed: which plants they started with, where the cultivation took place, which techniques were used?

Enterprises wishing to promote the use of varieties certified by bioverita must:

  • be a member of the bioverita association
  • apply to use the bioverita logo
  • verify annually they are using the varieties accordingly

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