Colorful Autumn with bioverita Varieties

The days are shorter, the temperatures cooler. Autumn has come! The range of vegetables is also undergoing noticeable changes and more and more autumn and winter vegetables are appearing.

In the coming months, 18 different bioverita-certified varieties from organic breeding will be available from German organic food retailers through our five marketing partners Bodan, Grell, Naturkost West, Rinklin and Terra:

Cauliflower Nuage
Chicoree Macun
Kohlrabi Enrico
Leek Avano
Spring Onion Ischikrona
Carrots Dolciva, Milan, Robila, Rodelika
Parsnip Schleswiger Schnee
Beetroot Gesche, Robuschka
Red Cabbage Rodynda   
CeleryAthos, Porthos
White cabbage Dottenfelder Dauer, Dowinda
Savoy Cabbage Smaragd

We are pleased that more and more varieties from organic breeding are now regularly grown and enrich the range of vegetables on sale. For a healthy diet and “Organic right from the start”!

Chicoree “Macun”
Carrot “Rodelika”
Savoy Cabbage “Smaragd”