Breeder portraits

We want to show who the people behind organic breeding are.
Every three months we present a breeder. Here are the portraits that have been published so far:

Kathrin Buhmann
Forschung und Züchtung Dottenfelderhof (FZD)

Theory and knowledge – and lots of surprises

Friedemann Ebner
Kultursaat e.V.

Plant Breeding Means Diversity

Porträt Reinhild Frech-Emmelmann

Reinhild Frech-Emmelmann
ReinSaat KG

50 New Open Pollinated Varieties

Agata Leska
Getreidezüchtung Peter Kunz

Peas are the future

Michael Locher im Zuchtgarte

Michael Locher
Getreidezüchtung Peter Kunz

Wheat from organic breeding – a beacon project

Christoph Matthes
Forschung und Züchtung Dottenfelderhof (FZD) and Kultursaat e.V.

In Mutual Relationship with the Plant