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Bioverita increases the credibility of the organic movement.

Bioverita stands for the highest level of expertise in breeding organic varieties.

Bioverita takes on board the concerns of the various organic breeders as a unit.

Products made from raw materials coming from organically grown Bioverita varieties have added value.

Our aim is to familiarize many people with Bioverita’s ideals: Bioverita is always about organic breeding – for vegetables, cereals, corn and soon also with apples.

Bioverita – Labelling of organically grown varieties

Bioverita varieties are developed from the beginning under organic conditions. Breeding an organic variety takes up to 15 years. It can take even more years to get to market launch. At the same time, seed supply needs to be built up on specialized organic seed farms.

Together with the organic breeders, Bioverita promotes the independence of the organic movement.

Add you weight to this initiative. Grow organic varieties, process or trade organ-ics, and promote them with the Bioverita label.

You can actively support the work of the organic breeders: Use the Bioverita label and display it on your products. In doing so you benefit from the awareness and the trust that comes with it – whoever works with Bioverita stands out as an expert and responsible producer.

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