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bioverita – a quality label for organic breeding

Labelling of organic varieties

As a consumer, you expect organic farming to be genuine. Organic farms use organic seeds for their production and rely on organically grown varieties that are suitable for organic farming.

How do you know if this is the case?

bioverita wants to provide more clarity and transparency.

What distinguishes bioverita?

bioverita is a platform for all breeding concerns of organic farming. Organically bred varieties make it possible to achieve more holistically the cultivation objectives of organic farming. For products with the bioverita label organic varieties were used.

Organically bred varieties of cereals, vegetables or apples ensure a natural diversity in agriculture. bioverita communicates these values ​​and raises public awareness of the time-consuming production and invaluable breeding.

Products made from raw materials coming from organically grown bioverita varieties are of exceptional quality.

We advocate for

  • a GM-free agriculture from the start
  • healthy varieties that are suitable for organic farming
  • an active development of biodiversity and diversity of varieties
  • varieties with flavor that are pleasant to eat

How to support bioverita

This work only thrives through being supported by as many parties as possible – for example, by purchasing products bearing the bioverita logo from our partners.

Click here to learn more about supporting us through joining or with a donation: support bioverita

bioverita is always about organic breeding – whether that is vegetables, cereals or coming soon – apples!

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