News and press

  • Market partnership with Gut Wulfsdorf
    In September 2021, bioverita started a collaboration with Gut Wulfsdorf, a Demeter farm in Ahrensburg near Hamburg. The company has always attached great importance to open pollinated varieties. Labeling varieties from organic breeding with the bioverita quality label is a further step in communication.
  • Peas are the future
    Breeder Agata Leska from the GZPK reports on her many years of work on new pea varieties. Cultivating them is good for the soil and, as a source of protein, peas are an important food crop for humans and animals.
  • 25 years of Seed Fund
    Founded in 1996, the Seed Fund collects donations to promote organic breeding. Since then, over 50 types of grain and 100 types of vegetables have been developed.
  • Wheat from organic breeding – a beacon project
    Wheat from organic breeding has proven its worth, especially in the difficult growing year of 2021. Breeder Michael Locher explains why he still works on the further development of the varieties every day.
  • Piluweri Nursery Breeding Garden Open Day
    The Piluweri nursery is a commercial horticultural company, producer of young plants, breeding company and seed multiplier in one. We have gathered a variety of impressions.
  • 50 New Open Pollinated Varieties
    A portrait of Reinhild Frech-Emmelmann, pioneer of organic breeding, founder and managing director of ReinSaat KG. She has already bred 50 new types of vegetables.
  • On the Trail of Organic Breeding in Italy
    From July 6-9, 21 we were on the road in central Italy to look at various activities related to organic breeding on site. An inspiring journey!
  • We have to take a much more radical approach!
    Portrait of Niklaus Bolliger, pioneer as a breeder for biodynamic apples, including an outlook of the first commercial project to come.
  • Annual Meeting 2021
    Report on the annual meeting of bioverita which took place on 23 April 2021 in Hessigkofen, CH.
  • Bioland Handelsgesellschaft
    Bioland Handelsgesellschaft is the nationwide leader in the marketing of these varieties and is therefore an important market partner of bioverita in the grain sector.
  • 10 years of bioverita – a retrospective
    Interview with Markus Johann, Managing Director and delegate of the bioverita board, on the occasion of bioverita`s 10th anniversary.
  • In Mutual Relationship with the Plant
    Portrait of Christoph Matthes who is breeder of vegetables at the Dottenfelderhof Research and Breeding Department.
  • Cooperation with Plant Nursery
    The organic nursery Watzkendorf for years has placed particular emphasis on pure line varieties. They have also included varieties from organic breeding for many years. In December 2020, the nursery concluded a user agreement with bioverita. This opened the way for adding certified varieties to their product list using the bioverita label to draw the […]
  • Cultivation of Open Pollinated Varieties
    The Pulvermühle farm in Volgelsheim in Alsace has been managed by the Schmidt family for six generations. For more than 50 years they have cultivated organic vegetables and cereals on approximately 115 hectares of land, among other things selling into the German and Swiss markets. Wholesale partner Rinklin Naturkost from Kaiserstuhl is also one of […]
  • Film worth seeing!
    Did you know that most of our dishes today are based on no more than nine plant and five animal species? One of the many reasons why we need comprehensive support for organic breeding. A new film from FIBL and the European project Engagement.Biobreeding clearly shows the correlations:
  • Strategies to communicate the benefits of organic breeding
    There are many good reasons for organic breeding! But the correlations are complex and often difficult to grasp for end users. How do you best master the challenge of bringing the topic to the general public? This is what the FIBL online workshop will be about on February 18, 2021 as part of the digital […]
  • The Bioverita Label of Quality
    The bioverita association audits organic and bio-dynamic breeders and certifies new types of grain and vegetables that result from their work. Seeds for these varieties are offered through the specialized seed trade: At the same time bioverita is working on bringing certified vegetable varieties onto the market. We are currently cooperating with […]
  • Theory and knowledge – and lots of surprises
    Portrait of breeder Kathrin Buhmann For Kathrin Buhmann, the attraction of her work in breeding lies in the interplay between two opposing poles, the theoretical and scientific pole on the one side and the surprises that nature always has in store on the other. “Based on the theory, you have certain expectations. Once in the […]
  • Colorful Autumn with bioverita Varieties
    The days are shorter, the temperatures cooler. Autumn has come! The range of vegetables is also undergoing noticeable changes and more and more autumn and winter vegetables are appearing. In the coming months, 18 different bioverita-certified varieties from organic breeding will be available from German organic food retailers through our five marketing partners Bodan, Grell, […]
  • New Marketing Partnership
    The organic wholesaler Naturkost West, based in Duisburg, supplies organic shops and markets in North Rhine-Westphalia with a full range. For many years the company has supported bioverita and thus the ideas of organic breeding. Since the beginning of August, bioverita varieties have also been part of the vegetables on offer on a regular basis. […]
  • Plant Breeding Means Diversity
    Portrait of Friedemann Ebner If you talk to Friedemann Ebner, born in 1958, it quickly becomes clear what is meant by diversity in breeding – so quickly, ebulliently and enthusiastically does he speak about his projects. It is not just the different vegetable crops that he has dealt with over the course of his many […]