The Bioverita Label of Quality

The bioverita association audits organic and bio-dynamic breeders and certifies new types of grain and vegetables that result from their work. Seeds for these varieties are offered through the specialized seed trade:

At the same time bioverita is working on bringing certified vegetable varieties onto the market. We are currently cooperating with seven organic wholesalers in Germany who supply retailers with bioverita-certified vegetables. About 500 tons of 33 different vegetables with the bioverita label of quality have been marketed through these partner projects (as of summer 2020). A growing trend! Thanks to clear labeling with the “bioverita” label, organic shops and consumers can consciously choose varieties from organic breeding.

The bioverita logo is also used on seed bags, on packaging and for various means of communication. The logo is available on its own or in combination with three different claims:

  • Seeds from organic breeding
  • Vegetables from organic breeding
  • Grain from organic breeding.

These variants are also available in English, French and Italian. Demeter farms can also use the “Seeds from bio-dynamic breeding” etc variants.

Please note: A use agreement with bioverita must be in place in order to be able to use the bioverita label of quality in communication or on products.


Since 2010 we have been cooperating with the supermarket chain Coop and its bakeries in Switzerland for the marketing of cereals. The wheat varieties Wiva, Tengri and Pizza from the Peter Kunz (GZPK) organic grain breeding company have been the basis for the tasty Buure bread. Initially offered as a weekly bread, it is now an integral part of the Coop range due to its popularity. The marketing of Buure bread is a wonderful example of collaboration across all stages of the value chain: The Coop partner mill Swissmill in Zurich grinds 1,500 to 2,000 tonnes of bioverita wheat annually for the production of bread, it is then baked in the Coop’s large bakery and 46 regional bakeries at large sales outlets, and is offered in over 800 Coop outlets across Switzerland.