New projects with Bodan and Terra | Bioverita

New projects for the marketing of vegetable varieties with the bioverita certification in the organic food trade in Germany – Bodan from Überlingen and Terra from Berlin in cooperation with bioverita.

After the successful pilot project in autumn 2018 with Rinklin, the natural food wholesaler from Eichstetten, we have found additional marketing partners and built relationships with them in recent months. Since the beginning of November, various types of vegetables with bioverita certification have also been marketed in the Berlin area and in Southern Germany through the two natural food wholesalers, Terra from Berlin and Bodan from Überlingen. For years both Bodan and Terra have been very much in favor of organic breeders and support the breeding project financially. Now the two wholesalers, together with bioverita and the regional organic farmers, are ensuring that health food retailers and consumers are becoming more aware the concept of organic breeding and that it is more clearly labeled.

Among the bioverita certified vegetable varieties are carrots, kohlrabi, beetroot, red cabbage, celeriac, white cabbage, chard and leek, which are now marked with box corners (as shown in the picture) and provided with informational material.