Marketing Project with Grell Naturkost

“The regional organic wholesaler in the north, Grell Naturkost in Kaltenkirchen, is a new bioverita active member and project partner. The company Grell Naturkost has been supporting organic breeding for many years and, together with bioverita, is now ensuring that vegetables from organic breeding can be labeled with the bioverita box corner in specialist shops.

At the annual producer meeting at Grell Naturkost in January 2020, bioverita project coordinator Anna-Lena May told the fruit and vegetable suppliers about the joint project. She emphasized the importance of the traceability of a variety from breeding to cultivation to trade.

By seeing the bioverita certificate, customers in the specialist organic food trade immediately know that a variety was bred organically and therefore is a future-proof pure line. The farms Gut Wulfsdorf, Christiansens Biolandhof and Nordseeküstengenuss are already growing carrots, parsnips, beetroot, leeks, broccoli and cauliflower which were organically bred for Grell Naturkost. The head of fruit and vegetable buying, Norbert Schick, acts as an important interface in order to buy available bioverita varieties from the growers and to label them as part of the Grell Naturkost O&G range. This enables the dedicated team at Grell Naturkost to provide its customers with good information about organic breeding and the current O&G range from the growers. The bioverita association provides communication materials such as posters and flyers for specialist retailers.”