Vigna bean Canetti


Vigna bean Canetti

Sortenname: Vigna bean Canetti

Gezüchtet durch: Kultursaat e.V.

ZüchterIn: Annette Maaß

Saatgutbezug: Bingenheimer Saatgut AG


A variety with vigorous, uniform growth and bountiful leaves, mid to early season growth. Needs warmth, recommended for growing under glass or plastic. Attractive, somewhat crinkly pods, 50-60 cm in length and weighing about 20 g. Their pale green colour is clearly distinguishable from the leaves and makes them easy to harvest. Ready to pick after 70 days. About 4 to 8 weeks harvest window. Recommendation is to pick every two days. A harmonious slightly acidic taste reminiscent of potatoes. The pods can be eaten raw, the leaves (without stalk) can be eaten too. Suitable for stir-fried dishes.


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Ergänzende Informationen

This variety is a newly bred, organic variety. It was cultivated under organic conditions from the start, so that it is optimally adapted to organic cultivation. Varieties that carry the bioverita label are reproducible because they are open pollinated. They offer commercial gardeners an alternative to hybrid seed.