Chili Ballito

Chili Ballito

Sortenname: Chili Ballito

Saatgutbezug: Reinsaat KG


A high-yielding, tasty chilli variety with roundish fruits, varying from dark green to red colour, when matured. The diameter of the fruits is approx. 3 cm. It can be used fresh, dried or pickled. It can be used fresh, dried or pickled. It is suitable for growing in greenhouses as well as outdoors in warmer climate. Degree of hotness: 1-4.


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Ergänzende Informationen

This variety is a newly bred, organic variety. It was cultivated under organic conditions from the start, so that it is optimally adapted to organic cultivation. Varieties that carry the bioverita label are reproducible because they are open pollinated. They offer commercial gardeners an alternative to hybrid seed.