Bunching onion Ischikrona

Bunching onion Ischikrona

Sortenname: Bunching onion Ischikrona

Saatgutbezug: Bingenheimer Saatgut AG Reinsaat KG


Developed from Ishikura Long White. Bunching onion which instead of onions, forms long white and thick stems. Leaves are fresh green and stand very upright. Sowing time bunching onion: Successional beginning of March till mid July. For throughout the season and reasonably frost hardy.


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Ergänzende Informationen

This variety is a newly bred, organic variety. It was cultivated under organic conditions from the start, so that it is optimally adapted to organic cultivation. Varieties that carry the bioverita label are reproducible because they are open pollinated. They offer commercial gardeners an alternative to hybrid seed.