Potato Rote Emmalie

Potato Rote Emmalie

Sortenname: Potato Rote Emmalie

Saatgutbezug: Ellenberg’s Kartoffelvielfalt GmbH & Co KG


Rote Emmalie is a red-skinned, high-yielding, mainly waxy, medium-early potato variety. It is characterized by a red flesh color and a delicately spicy, aromatic taste. The plant pigment anthocyanin is responsible for the red flesh of the fruit. The oblong variety has an excellent suitability for processing due to its smooth skin and flat eyes.


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Ergänzende Informationen

This variety is a newly bred, organic variety. It was cultivated under organic conditions from the start, so that it is optimally adapted to organic cultivation. Varieties that carry the bioverita label are reproducible because they are open pollinated. They offer commercial gardeners an alternative to hybrid seed.