Carrot Rodelika

Möhre Rodelika

Carrot Rodelika

Sortenname: Carrot Rodelika

Gezüchtet durch: Kultursaat e.V.

ZüchterIn: Dietrich Bauer

Saatgutbezug: Bingenheimer Saatgut AG Reinsaat KG Sativa Rheinau AG


A vigorously growing variety with strong foliage. Large stump rooted, smooth skinned carrots with an intensive orange red colour. Average yield. Very good for storing and large scale production, also for heavy soils. Strong sweetly aromatic flavour. Has a very high Brix value and hence ideal for producing high quality juice.


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Ergänzende Informationen

This variety is a newly bred, organic variety. It was cultivated under organic conditions from the start, so that it is optimally adapted to organic cultivation. Varieties that carry the bioverita label are reproducible because they are open pollinated. They offer commercial gardeners an alternative to hybrid seed.