37 new varieties with bioverita certification

Nine of a total of 37 newly certified varieties: Tomato Yellow Donut, Rocket Lola, Tomato Fiammante, Garlic Thüla, Tomato Bellarubin, Savoy Cabbage Dunkelgrüner Putjes, Cauliflower Daniel, Brussels Sprouts Idemar, Chilli Turuncu

bioverita certifies new varieties from organic breeding according to strict guidelines, or new varieties are recognised as bioverita varieties if they have already received Demeter certification. In recent months, 37 new vegetable varieties have received bioverita certification or recognition, so that the total list has now grown to 164 varieties. This means that for a total of 34 different crops – from aubergine to sweetcorn – new varieties are available that were developed under organic conditions from the very beginning. Here you will find all varieties with a short description, information about the breeder and the seed reference.

The new varieties come from the breeding initiatives Kultursaat e.V., saat:gut e.V. from Germany and ReinSaat GmbH from Austria. The new additions to the cabbage assortment are particularly pleasing, as there are only very few open pollinated varieties for professional cultivation, instead CMS hybrids dominate cultivation. One variety each of cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and savoy cabbage have been added, but also several lettuce, tomato and chilli varieties are among the new varieties.

We are pleased with the breeders that more and more organically bred varieties are available for professional cultivation and hope that they will soon be firmly established in cultivation and the organic trade – for healthy nutrition and more “organic from the start”!