Origin marking of varieties in accordance with Bio Suisse

All Bioverita varieties will automatically be Category I Bio Suisse

According to the Bio-Suisse guidelines, section, plant varieties are divided into 4 different categories.

Extract from the Bio Suisse Guidelines:

Categorization of varieties
The following variety categories are distinguished:
Cat I. Varieties from approved biological plant breeding programs (e.g. Bioverita) or comparable breeding.
Cat II. Varieties from breeds for organic farming which do not fully meet the requirements for organic plant breeding programmes, do not use critical breeding techniques and have been selected at least in part under biological conditions. The varieties must have been tested under biological conditions.
Cat III. Varieties from conventional breeding or varieties without declaration of breeding methods.
Cat IV. Varieties from breeding programmes with critical breeding methods (e.g. cauliflower varieties bred by cytoplast fusion)
Cat X. Old varieties and origins (e.g. ProSpecieRara varieties, conservation varieties, niche varieties, farm varieties, wild forms) which serve to preserve agrobiodiversity.


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